Our Advertising Packages
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We require friends to provide a link back to our site. You can get our banners on the "Our Banners"page. Failure to place our banner can result in not participating of our drawings. We ask for your banner URL so we could download your banner to our website. No Hotlink is done. Your Advertising listing time starts to count when we install all your website information and we have emailed you with the updates.

We want to give opportunities to every Friend. We rotate every month from top to bottom our listings on spotlight and featured listings. You won't be stuck in the same place. Also, this will allow to get traffic to everyone and not just those on the top and middle places. All friends will receive benefits. You will have a new friend near often so you could visit and chat.:o)

Friendship Listing
(Six Eight Categories)
One Year - $25.00
Sale - $15.00
Spotlight Listing
(Home Page)
Three Months - $12.00
Six Months - $22.00
Featured Listing
(Right Column)
Three Months - $15.00
Six Months - $25.00

Special Friend
(Top Left Column)
Three Months - $30.00


Special Offer
8 Categories & Home Page
One Year & Six Months - $35.00


What our Friends are saying:

I have been one of your advertisers for several years. Google Analytics always showed that Primitive Country Friends was always my very best source of traffic.

"By the way, thanks for featuring us last month(Sept. 2011). I got a ton of traffic from your site because of that! :-)"

"I am really impressed with your web site. Most of my contacts are coming through your site! Thanks for everything!"

"I wanted to tell you we have had a great response through Primitive Country Friends., in fact you are now our number one referrer!"