Details for Purchasing

If you have any doubts on how to process your order and fill the blanks. Below are some guidelines that could help you.

Below is an example for the One Year or Lifetime Friendship Listing

Business Name: write your business name (Example: Primitive Country Friends)

Business URL: you could erase what is written there and write: (Please don't include the HTTP part or it will give you an error (Invalid Input) and wont let you go to finish your order.

Description: write the description of your website

Banner 468x60 URL: this is where your banner is locate at your website. So we could download it to our website. It would be something like If you're not familiar with this. You could email your banner and your ad button (if this applies) for your listing.

Eight Categories: check the eight categories you would like to choose to be in.

And click the ORDER button, to go to the Shopping Cart and pay for your order! 

(Note: If it takes you to a blank page with "Invalid Input" then you are using the HTTP at the beginning of your URL's.  An easy way also to correct this is leave it blank and after purchasing send them by email.) :o)

You're DONE!

If you don't have an ad button maybe we could use your logo resize or we can come up with something. Just let me know!.

If after this you still have some doubts please feel free to email us! We will be more than happy to try to answer ALL your questions!

Email Us:

Thanks so much!